Climate Strike: we can change the world

On September 20th, I found myself at the front of the climate march in Nelson. Beside me stood 5 amazing youth who I had worked with for the past months to organize the climate strike. Behind me, almost 1500 people chanted “System change not climate change.” At that moment, I had no doubt that we could change the world and create a sustainable future. That was the first day of the global week of…

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Why I Love The Kootenays

Why I Love the Kootenays

The BC Teachers Federation had a regional conference in Nelson and sponsored an amateur film contest. Here are the winning entries - enjoy! Documentary - Why I Love The Kootenays By Morghan Watson. Very unique with the use of stop motion animation. Super awesome sketches and a nice count down from 3-2-1. She acknowledges how lucky we are to be in this area and to have these wonderfully clean…

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