Visit 5 amazing gardens in the walkable/bike-able edition of the Nelson Edible Garden tour, from 10-2 pm on Saturday August 9. Talk to the growers and learn how they’ve succeeded in maximizing production, dealing with steep slopes, extending the season, conserving water and more! The gardens are grouped in Uphill to encourage tour participants to walk or bike.

The following is a brief description of the gardens that you will see:

920 Stanley St. – Erin has turned a small urban lot into a food production zone. Come see Erin’s strategies for making the most out of a small space. Access the backyard garden through the gate on Latimer Street.

901 Stanley St. – Dan and Lauren have been focusing on heavy production by using cold frames, hoop houses and four season gardening methods. They have gone from lawn to garden in 4 years.

508 Richards St. – David and Valerie have installed drip irrigation throughout this work in progress that includes raised beds, seasonal row covers, fruit trees, an asparagus bed and some rooftop containers. They practice succession planting and have a root cellar.

612 Innes St. – Paula’s garden has significant ground water so she has been experimenting with what grows in cold wet ground. This year she is experimenting with volunteer plants and medicinals and creating beauty with berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables and flowers. 

718 Innes St. – Antonio has tomato plants grown from seeds that he brought from Italy 50 years ago. He is a wealth of information about traditional growing methods and also his experiments.