Welcome to Nelson’s 5th Annual Edible Garden Tour! This tour is a great way to see how other people in Nelson are producing some of their own food.

Please respect the gardens you’re visiting. No grazing without permission!

This tour is not about “the perfect garden” – and you will see that some of the gardens on the tour are in their first or second year, just getting started.

We tried to get a diverse range of gardens, and we hope that you’ll find inspiration in all of them. Please feel free to offer advice to the gardeners and to ask them questions about what they’re doing and why.
Here’s the link to the google map of the tour so you can get a visual from above and print if you like.
Here are the garden addresses and owners names:
1817 Falls Street, John Alton
Corner of Hoover and Ward Street (Nelson Food Cupboard Garden)
901 Stanley Street, Daniel Schneider
420 Mill Street (Nelson Women’s Centre Garden)
912 Vernon Street, Abram Davis
Lakeside Park, SEEDS Outdoor Garden (next to tennis court)

There is no fixed order for the gardens, don’t feel that you must see every garden, and leave yourself time to relax and smell the roses (and everything else).

We acknowledge the support and participation of the gardeners who have generously opened up their gardens to the public, and of all the people who make up our thriving local food scene!

We hope you enjoy the tour!