Early this morning, after several days of delay, Glacier Resorts Limited began pouring concrete for the foundation of a day lodge in the Jumbo Valley. Never mind that the foundation is more than a kilometre away from where the Resort Master Plan specified; never mind that the Environmental Assessment Office still hasn’t finished their audit of the proponent’s environmental commitments; never mind the proponent’s blatant disregard for both the letter and intent of environmental law; and never mind the legal cloud that still hangs over this project. 

Glacier Resorts Limited did the unthinkable – they desecrated a beautiful valley that has never seen a permanent human settlement despite overwhelming public opposition. 

Truly, it is a sad day. 

It is not, however, the last day. The billion-dollar boondoggle is still a boondoggle. The Minister of Environment will have to decide whether a last-minute foundation for one building is a “substantial” start to a project that is supposed to include 21 ski lifts, at least three lodges, and accommodation for 6500 people. The courts will have to decide whether “Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality” can be a city when it has no citizens. And, most importantly of all, the people of this region will have to decide if we are going to stand aside and do nothing when an unresponsive and irresponsible provincial government bends every rule in the book to allow the boondoggle to continue.

Yes, it is a sad day. But the fight is far from over. 


Photo by Pat Morrow