The biggest protest of the year in the U.S. is about the tar sands and pipelines. On Wednesday, Feb. 13 nearly 50 prominent Americans were arrested in front of the White House, again, to protest tar sands development and the proposed Keystone bitumen pipeline.  Their civil disobedience comes just days ahead of the largest climate action rally ever in the US, also targeting the tar sands. The huge protest comes on Sunday, Feb. 17.


Actress Daryl Hannah, one of those arrested, said: the pipeline would not only “bring the dirtiest and most energy-intensive type of extreme extraction through our most precious water, aquaphors, and soil and ranching farmlands… but it will also open the doors to expansion of the tar sands.”


Extracting oil from tar sands, according to Hannah, can “absolutely decimate ecosystems,” the water, soil and land.

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