Kootenay residents opposing the development of Jumbo Glacier Resort met with Jumbo Glacier Resort (JGR) developer Grant Costello on the road into the Farnham Valley on Monday July 29. See below for the press release:


The group has been camped on the road to the Farnham Glacier since July 24 and has been monitoring the road and the activities of Glacier Resorts Ltd (GRL).  The Jumbo van is parked on the road to slow traffic and allow the folks in camp to talk to people coming up the road and to screen GRL activities.

“Though we have not blocked anyone, including Grant Costello, from going up to Farnham Glacier, the RCMP told us that we could be arrested for mischief,” said K.Linda Kivi, a spokesperson for the Citizens for Jumbo Wild. “They also told us that equipment was being moved in later this week.”

The group said they became concerned when GRL began advertising for August cat-skiing tours. Kivi said that what is presented on the Jumbo Glacier Resort website inviting tourists to cat ski on the Farnham Glacier in August is not in compliance with conditions of the resort Master Development Agreement and Environmental Certificate.

“Those of us in the monitoring and information camp come from a variety of backgrounds, places and ages but we all remain opposed to the Jumbo Glacier Resort.  If the government will not make sure that Glacier Resorts complies with their agreements and legal commitments, then we will.  We invite any concerned citizens to come visit us at the camp.”

The developers of JGR have already contravened the terms of their Master Agreement it signed with the province of BC through not restricting access of public recreational vehicles to the Farnham Glacier area.

Kivi said the group plans to have a presence at the camp throughout the summer to monitor and respond to development.  People can stay updated about the camp through this blog

The Farnham Glacier Road was built by the Canadian Olympic Development Agency for ski team summer training. Due to poor snow conditions, the team has since moved its summer site to the southern hemisphere.

For media inquiries:  K.Linda Kivi, please send an email message  which includes your phone number and when best to reach you.


For people interested in participating in the camp, email cdcamp13@gmail.com.