While we work to get federal, provincial and municipal governments to take real climate action, we can come together as individuals in our communities and join the divestment movement! All around the world people are taking their personal investments out of fossil fuels (divesting) and investing them in renewables and other more socially responsible and ethical companies and causes. Learn more about the global divestment movement.

Right here in Canada, the United Church of Canada and the Canadian Medical Association have been leaders and announced their divestment plans.

You too can take action with your existing personal investments and any future investments. Recently, the West Kootenay EcoSociety partnered with other Nelson community groups to host divestment forums. 

Here are contacts from financial companies that you can talk to to learn more about what options exist for your divestment from oil and investment into the future we want. Let us know where you invest your money to support a renewable energy future!

Local – Nelson: 

  • Claire Hallam, Investors Group – claire.hallam@investorsgroup.com – 250-352-7777
  • Peggy DeVries, Edward Jones – peggy.devries@edwardjones.com – 250-352-2254
  • Vivi Lindsay, Nelson and District Credit Union – Money Works – vlindsay@nelsoncu.com – 250-352-9256


  • Trish Nixon, CoPower, recently launched Green Bonds – trish.nixon@copower.me – 647-273-4214
  • Martin Grosskopf, AGF Investments – Martin.Grosskopf@agf.com