Society members elect directors, expand board and discuss growing future at Feb. 28th AGM.

Members at the West Kootenay EcoSociety voted to expand the Board of Directors to twelve people at the Annual General Meeting in Nelson, Thursday, Feb. 28th. The Board of Directors was elected by acclamation, and the two new positions were left vacant for the time being, until potential new chapters can nominate representatives.

The Board members of the EcoSociety are: 

John Alton
Michael Doratti
Michael Jessen
Evan McKenzie
Craig Mullin

Russell Precious
Paula Snow
Mary Ann Spears
Christina Yahn 

“We’ve just come through a big year of expanded activities,” said Executive Director David Reid, “and we are heading into a new year with even more events and action.”  He gave a report outlining the main initiatives of the Society, including the Cottonwood Market, Baker St. Market, Marketfests, Jumbo Wild activities and much more.

David also thanked the Board members, volunteers and fellow staff members for a year of great effort and dedication. EcoSociety AGM: Big Plans ahead!