After several months of development, EcoSociety is putting the finishing touches on an upgrade of the Kootenay Rideshare website to better accommodate the needs of seniors.

Last fall EcoSociety Project Manager Tim James was invited by the Seniors Coordinating Committee to give a presentation on Kootenay Rideshare and discuss possibilities for using Rideshare as a tool to help with transportation challenges encountered by seniors in our largely rural region. Corrine Younie, Coordinator for the Age Friendly Community Initiative of Nelson Cares Society later contacted EcoSociety to discuss funding an upgrade for seniors.

Now Kootenay Rideshare is now much better able to serve seniors. Every page contains a “seniors” button, which takes users to content designed specifically to help seniors feel more comfortable. Seniors can find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the benefits of ridesharing?
  •  Is it safe to ride with strangers?
  •  Is it OK to turn down a ride?
  •  What if I’m disabled or have special needs?
  •  Can people access my personal information?

The seniors’ content, which is all in large type, allows seniors to get past the intimidation one can feel with the unknown and helps them to be more comfortable with the internet which is new to many.

Finishing touches are now being put on instructional videos that will be added to the seniors’ jump off page. The videos will give seniors a site tour, showing how the service works, and guide them through the process of posting a request for a ride.

Take a look at the new changes here: