West Kootenay EcoSociety counts on our community to support the work we do. Your membership contribution matters to us, and it makes you part of our team.

Our goal for April 2015 is to reach 200 new and renewed members. This goal is well within reach, and it will help us protect the Jumbo Valley, conserve ecological integrity, and preserve wild spaces for future generations through advocacy, education, and research.

If you’re not sure whether your membership is active, check your email. All our current members received an email notice for our AGM last week. If you didn’t get the email (or a letter for those without email addresses), your membership isn’t current! Still not sure? Give us a call at 250 354 1909, or email to  confirm your membership status. If you purchase a membership before your current membership expires, we’ll tack an extra year onto your current expiration date – there’s no need to worry about renewing too soon!

Want to skip the hassle of renewing? Just sign up as a sustaining member and make your contribution once per month. We benefit from having a stable income stream, and your membership is easier on your wallet!