The Municipality of Jumbo has announced that they will hold a public hearing on May 13 in Invermere Radium in order to move forward with zoning on Farnham Glacier. The resort developer reportedly wants to begin cat-skiing operations there this summer and has asked the municipality to pave the way. Read more about it in the Columbia Valley Pioneer.

The EcoSociety’s legal action specifically asks the court to prevent the municipality from moving forward with planning and zoning. The court has granted the government two months of delay in responding to the legal action, preventing the case from being heard.

The latest action by the municipality demonstrates why no municipality should be created without inhabitants: the unelected council is responsible only to the developer and to the province, both of whom are in cahoots against keeping Jumbo Wild! To read the bylaw, click here. To make a comment by May 13, click here.

Meanwhile, we have new Jumbo Merch at the EcoSociety office! New T-shirts ($25) and now, a CD featuring Jumbo-inspired songs from local artists ($10). All proceeds, of course, go to the campaign to Keep Jumbo Wild!

The CD features the following songs and artists: