The District of Invermere is the closest city to the proposed Jumbo ski resort town. That’s why the District Council took action to support West Kootenay EcoSociety’s legal action against the Jumbo Municipality. The District passed a resolution asking the Union of BC Municipalities to intervene in our court case. The UBCM passed a resolution at its annual conference last fall opposing the idea of municipalities without residents. You can read the text or the resolution and the Province’s response here. The text of Invermere’s resolution:

WHEREAS The Resolution B55 was endorsed by the vast majority of delegates at the 2012 UBCM convention;

AND WHEREAS The response provided by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development does not address the concerns and clear position taken by the membership of UBCM;

AND WHEREAS The recently created Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality will not be eligible for membership to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities because the council is not elected, thereby violating the position taken by B55, generally undermining the reputation and credibility of British Columbia Local Governments, and destroying the 100% membership of local governments record the UBCM is very proud of having;

AND WHEREAS The West Kootenay Community Ecosociety has submitted a petition to court requesting a judicial review of the constitutionality of and the consultation around the creation of a municipality without an electorate or population and with an appointed council, and that this issue directly affects local governments and the UBCM; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED The UBCM executive be encouraged to waive the normal policy of the UBCM not being involved in legal issues until the appeal process, and the UBCM submit an application to the Supreme Court of British Columbia seeking intervention status in the case between the Ecosociety and the Province of British Columbia and Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality

AND THAT IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED The every local government of British Columbia be sent this resolution and asked to send their support for the UBCM to be involved in this important legal proceeding, and that they be encouraged to express their concern to the Government of the Province of British Columbia for the precedent set by establishing a municipality with no population and with an appointed council.