Citizens at the Jumbo Wild Democracy Camp turned back a bobcat and several trucks on Saturday. Read the camp’s press release below, and scroll down for more pictures. 


Jumbo Glacier Resort machinery turned back by citizen checkpoint

An ad hoc group calling itself Citizens for Jumbo Wild camped on the road to Farnham Glacier turned back machinery heading to the glacier on Saturday morning, August 10.

“A compact excavator was on its way to begin working on the glacier for summer skiing,” said K.Linda Kivi, one of the citizens of the camp. “My concern is that the provincial government has yet to set up any compliance and enforcement procedures. There is no program to monitor what they are doing.”

Kivi said according to the Master Agreement between the provincial government and Jumbo Glacier Resorts, the resort is not allowed to do any altering of the glacier.

“It would be impossible to get a snowcat on the glacier for summer skiing without altering it,” Kivi added.

No machinery arrived Sunday.

Camp residents continue to maintain a checkpoint on the road to advise recreationalists of their opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort. So far, more than 90 percent of the people passing the checkpoint have been supportive of the camp’s efforts camp members say.

“The government clearly isn’t interested in acting on behalf of the residents of this region who have shown their opposition to the project over the last 20 years,” said Kivi.

“Direct action by the people of this region is the only thing keeping this project from going forward at this point.”

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This is the view of Commander Glacier from the Jumbo Wild Democracy Camp. Jumbo Glacier Resort’s plan calls for gondola lifts to the peaks above this glacier.
The two trucks from Jumbo Glacier Resorts turned around and heading back down, after being unable to pass on up the road at the Jumbo Wild Democracy Camp.
This is the Farnham Glacier, where Jumbo Glacier Resorts was likely headed with the excavator. The plan likely is for an excavator to cut an ice road into this part of the glacier, to allow snowcats to go up the glacier with skiers who want a short run in the summer.