As spring lurks around the corner, the fight to keep Jumbo Wild! is heating up too.

The Ktunaxa court case was completed in January, although no decision is expected until April. The petition from the Ktunaxa Nation Council claims that the Master Development Agreement between the Province of BC and GLacier Resorts Limited did not take into consideration the spiritual values of Qat’Muk (Jumbo Valley). The Jumbo Resort Municipality spent $5500 trying to join the case, but the BC Supreme Court denied their request.

The Globe and Mail recently shone a spotlight on Glacier Resort Limited’s regulatory challenge. The Environmental Certificate for the proposed ski resort will expire in OCtober 2014. If the developer doesn’t demonstrate “substantial progress” on the project before then, the developer will have to complete a new Environmental Assessment. The developer is obligated to meet a long list of conditions before construction can begin. In addition, the Master Development Agreement includes a number of commitments from the proponent that must be met before construction can begin. As of Febrary 3, the developer had submitted a draft “self-report” describing its progress on the conditions, but the EAO has not received a final version. The final self-report must be submitted at least 6 weeks before construction is to begin. The Jumbo “Mayor” Greg Deck told The Valley Echo that the developer is determined to break ground this year.  

We’ve just passed the one-year anniversary of our initial legal petition to the court regarding the legality of the Jumbo Resort Municipality. The Municipality finally responded to our case in September, and we are putting the final touches on our legal argument so that the case can be heard before the summer.