Here’s a great opportunity to support getting climate action higher on the BC government’s priorities and stand up for your community’s future. In person BC budget consultations are happening in Castlegar (Sept 16) and Cranbrook (Oct 7) – these are open opportunities for citizens to make presentations/statements on what budget priorities should be. Also an opportunity to emphasize the importance of strong climate action for the province.

It would be fantastic to have at least a few climate-focused presentations at the Castlegar and Cranbrook budget sessions or even better to fill the list!

Any BC resident can sign up to present. Note that presentation spaces tend to fill up fast and registration is now open (as of 9am Sept 1). To register, contact the Parliamentary Committees Office by phone, 250 356 2933 or toll-free 1 877 428 8337, or by email, , and include the presenter and organization name(s) and full contact information.

Need a little help with your presentation? Let us know and we connect you with some assistance.