Momentum. That’s the word used over and over in local community team meetings. We have momentum coming out of the federal election to make change together. We have a new government who has promised to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, change our electoral system, reduce carbon emissions from Canada to keep global warming below 2 degrees C, and amend Bill C-51. Our teams worked together in new ways during the election to help voters get information to make the best decisions at the polls and figure out when and where to vote. We want to use this momentum to continue making change in and beyond our communities and make sure this new government goes further in protecting our climate and improving our democracy.

30 people have met in the Nelson and Castlegar communities to reflect on the election and lessons learnt. We’ve also started discussing what our goals around climate and democracy issues should be and how to influence decision makers.

Tonight in Rossland, the community team will start these discussions. To get involved with your local team and seize this momentum for change contact: