West Kootenay EcoSociety is seeking qualifications for a graphic designer to support our Kootenay Rideshare website redevelopment. 

1. Company Overview
Kootenay Rideshare is a project of West Kootenay EcoSociety, a small, regional environmental organization working on a wide variety of conservation and sustainability issues. www.kootenayrideshare.com

2. Project Overview
We’re doing an upgrade of our web site. We’ve been working with a web developer on a site redesign for the past 6 months or so and are hoping to complete the final design by May 1. We will need a graphic designer to develop the look of the site and provide us with a custom Bootstrap theme/template for the project. We may also be amenable to just receiving Photoshop templates.

3. Project Goals and Objectives
Kootenay Rideshare has fallen behind the state of the internet in recent years and we want to bring it up to speed. Our web site is popular because it’s reliable, easy to use and free but it could be much better. We hope to increase ridesharing by making the site easier to use and mobile friendly.

4. Graphic design technical Parameters
We want it to be very user friendly – uncluttered and pleasing to look at
We want a refined look that says simple but intelligent
We want a feel of lightness, warmth and good humour
Final deliverable is a Bootstrap template/theme including a homepage and sub-page, color theme, styled buttons and lists, and 4 to 6 custom icons. We may also be amenable to just receiving Photoshop templates and having the web developer convert it to Bootstrap.

5. What we’ll need from you
We’ll want to meet you and see examples of your work
We’ll want you to make graphical layout recommendations
We’ll want you to make font and font hierarchy recommendations
We’ll want you to produce a main page template and a sub-page with minimal weight at the top of the page
Custom color theme and buttons, as well as styling for lists of rides that incorporate icons
We’ll want you to provide a set of icons, similar to what BlaBlaCar uses on their lists of rides
As this is a 100% volunteer project of a Non-profit organization, we’ll want to know if you can give us a discount on your services

6. Contact Information
Tim James, Project Manager – 250 354 1909 ext. 202   timjames@ecosociety.ca
Kevin Suggitt, Web developer – kevin@chaoscreative.net

7. Timeframe
We aim to have our design completed by April 1, 2016. Ideally we’d like you to have your design completed by May 1, although we’ll have some flexibility here for the right candidate

8. Reference web sites:

Following are some web sites to use for reference. The big, well-funded ridesharing websites listed below, BlaBlaCar, ZimRide, Uber and Lyft all use a similar format – slick and mobile-friendly, but not very charming.

We like the artwork in the Trees for Cars site. Not sure if it makes sense to go that way. We’ll want to discuss this with you.

Functionally, we’ll want to emulate BlaBlaCar

Big sites – no artwork  –
https://www.blablacar.co.uk/ Go to the site and type in two cities in the UK to see how they handle displaying information about rides. This is the world’s biggest ridesharing site. We’d want our own Icons

Small site – nice artwork
http://www.treesforcars.com/  Nice design but, perhaps, old school. We’ll want your opinion…