Rossland Climate Vigil – Nov 2015. Credit: Janet McIntyre

West Kootenay EcoSociety works to protect the natural environment while building sustainable communities throughout the West Kootenay region. We are expanding our work, and over the past year, we’ve been an important part of the Rossland community. 

West Kootenay EcoSociety partnered with the Rossland Sustainability Commission to host Rossland Green Drinks and a sold-out screening of Jumbo Wild. Green Drinks attracts citizens from Rossland and Trail. We have conversations about improving life in our towns and preserving our wild spaces. Sustainability professionals and concerned citizens are invited to attend the next Rossland Green Drinks on April 20.

Rossland Jumbo Wild Screening- Spring 2016. Credit: Ito Masako

If you live in downtown Rossland, we likely knocked on your door leading up to the 2015 federal election. We visited hundreds of homes and had conversations with voters on their climate and democracy concerns. Rossland citizens said repeatedly that they were worried about skiing, less snow in their mountains and the summer wildfires affecting the pristine wilderness. The climate impacts will drastically change how we live in the Kootenays if we don’t act now.

Rosslanders continue to stand up for our climate. The Rossland EcoSociety team organized a climate vigil right before the Paris Climate Summit. Even though it was a cold November day, dozens of Rosslanders stood together with vulnerable communities around the world. Last June, when the Pope released his encyclical calling for climate action, we organized with the faith community in Rossland. These faith groups participated in global climate solidarity by ringing their church bells and talking about the climate crisis during their services.

Last spring, we hosted an Earth Day celebration in Rossland complete with a backyard chicken crawl, Earth Day Expo and Fair and Farmer’s Market in partnership with Rossland Real Food and the Rossland Mountain Market Society.

Help us stay a part of the Rossland community and get more involved in other towns across the West Kootenay region by joining as an EcoSociety member today!