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Prime Minister Trudeau is meeting with provincial leaders tomorrow in Vancouver to determine the framework that provinces and the federal government will use to overhaul Canada’s plans to tackle the climate crisis. This is fulfilling one of his campaign promises in the wake of the UN Paris Agreement.

Since the Liberal Government came into office, and established the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, they have been operating under the Harper Government’s weak carbon pollution reduction targets. I’m glad they are overhauling these weak commitments, but all the Canadian pipeline projects to get dirty tar sands oil to market, as well as liquid natural gas (LNG) proposals in BC, are still on the table. Even Enbridge’s unpopular Northern Gateway pipeline proposal in northern BC is STILL not officially dead.

We can’t do our fair share to avoid a climate catastrophe and also keep taking oil out of the ground with these new projects.

Tell Trudeau and Provincial leaders, like Christy Clark, that we need a national climate plan by September 2016 that takes us to 100% renewable energy by midcentury. This plans needs to include stopping fossil fuel subsidies and new tar sands projects, creating stringent building, vehicle and industry requirements, phasing-out coal, making polluters pay, and funding the just transition to clean jobs so low-income Canadians are not left footing the bill. Read more details on Canadian NGO policy asks. We also need to have input from Canadians into this climate plan, especially at the municipal-level, before a national climate plan is adopted in September.

We have an opportunity to get vocal and make it clear we want a 100% renewable energy future, but we have a limited timeframe to make sure they actually hear us.

Send your message to Justin Trudeau and Christy Clark today:

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

Minister of Environment & Climate Change, Catherine McKenna

BC Premier, Christy Clark

BC Minister of Environment, Mary Polak

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