Nelson Hydro’s EcoSave program is in the preliminary stages of developing a community solar garden – a large array of photovoltaic solar panels that are built in one location.  

How it may work is that Nelson Hydro customers could voluntarily participate in the Solar Garden by purchasing or leasing panels or shares, and then the amount of electricity generated by their portion of the array would then be credited to their Nelson Hydro utility bill. The structure of the program has not been finalized. Here’s an example of a solar garden in Colorado.

Cost studies indicate that participating in the project would be 30-40% less expensive than installing panels on one’s own roof, plus this project makes it possible for renters and businesses to access solar energy.

EcoSave Program Coordinator, Carmen Proctor, is now collecting names for an interest list. By adding your name you’ll be kept up to date as the project progresses, you may be among the first to sign up and you’ll help to show potential funding partners that the community wants renewable energy.  For more information please visit:

To have your name added please email Carmen Proctor at

Nelson Hydro is doing really great work bringing green energy options to Nelson. Let’s show them our support!