Join West Kootenay EcoSociety and co-hosts for a series of screenings of the new documentary The Wisdom to Survive! 

THE WISDOM TO SURVIVE accepts the consensus of scientists that climate change has already arrived, and asks, what is keeping us from action? The film explores how unlimited growth and greed are destroying the life support system of the planet, the social fabric of the society, and the lives of billions of people.

Will we have the wisdom to survive? The film features thought leaders and activists in the realms of science, economics and spirituality discussing how we can evolve and take action in the face of climate disruption. They urge us to open ourselves to the beauty that surrounds us and get to work on ensuring it thrives.

Amongst those featured are Bill McKibben, Joanna Macy, Roger Payne, Richard Heinberg, Gus Speth, Stephanie Kaza, Nikki Cooley and Ben Falk. 

All screenings are by donation, with discussion to follow! (suggested $10)

  • Jan 12, 7:00pm Nelson United Church 602 Silica Street, Nelson, BC V1L 4N1
  • Jan 15, 11:30am Selkirk College Castlegar, Room K10
  • Jan 22, 7:00pm, Castlegar United Church 809 Merrycreek Rd, Castlegar, BC V1N 2P1 
  • Feb 3, 7:00pm, Seven Summits Centre for Learning2393 B Columbia Ave, Rossland, BC V0G1Y0