The West Kootenay EcoSociety is looking forward to continuing to work with West Kootenay communities to push the new Liberal government to take action on democratic reform and climate change.

The Liberals have promised to tackle climate change, stop the Northern Gateway pipeline, rework Bill C-51 and bring in electoral reform. The West Kootenay EcoSociety will work with community teams to determine how to hold the government accountable to its promises and ensure the details add up to the real change that we need in Canada, such as adopting a new voting system based in proportional representation and regulating the tar sands to avoid dangerous climate change.
“We focused on the 1000s of voters in our two West Kootenay ridings who would vote for democracy and climate action and we got them out to the polls, “ said Montana Burgess of the West Kootenay EcoSociety. “We had 100 amazing volunteers help out. With dozens of new teammates hitting the phones to help voters figure out when and where to vote, we’ve built teams in our communities who will hold our elected MPs accountable to take democracy and climate action. We had over 9000 conversions with voters in the 11 days leading up to the election, an incredible effort from our teams. These people are democracy heros.”
Community teams will be meeting over the coming weeks to develop plans on working with the elected NDP members of parliament in the two West Kootenay ridings and other decision makers in the region to ensure the Liberal government takes the real action on democratic reform and climate change that the people of the West Kootenay want. Join us to debrief our election work and plan our next advocacy steps:

Castlegar meeting: Friday, October 23 at 3-5pm, Castlegar & District Library,1005 3rd St.
Nelson meeting: Monday, October 26 at 5-7pm, Nelson United Church Hall, 602 Silica St.
Rossland meeting: Tuesday, October 27 at 7-9pm, Red Room Lounge in the Prestige Hotel (after Green Drinks)