My wife answered the door to my house last week and was greeted by the enthusiastic smiles of our neighbour and her friends. After visiting Jumbo on a hike, my neighbour got inspired to help keep Jumbo Wild! and organized a lemonade stand. As you can see from the picture above, Erica and her friends raised about $60 – enough to run a classified ad urging people to join our boycott of the Glacier Resort. Last year, Erica’s sister Heather dedicated her birthday party to supporting the campaign to Keep Jumbo Wild! If you want to donate to the cause, please click here!

These inspiring young people are showing how our community can come together to win this fight. Right now, some very dedicated individuals have established a camp at the Farnham road to monitor activity on the resort. The developer is promising to bring in heavy equipment this week to cut a road on the glacier to allow summer cat skiing. If you want to help out with the camp, either by attending or lending logistical support, please email

With your help and support, Jumbo will stay wild forever! It’s not too late to save this important habitat and wilderness recreation area.