The Minister of Environment gave us a reason to celebrate by announcing the expiration of the Jumbo resort’s environmental approval. But what does that mean for the project and for our work to Keep Jumbo Wild forever?

On June 18, BC’s Minister of Environment announced that the Jumbo Resort’s Environmental Certificate was expired. The decision was based on Minister Polak’s courageous yet reasonable determination that the project was not substantially started by October 12, 2014. The expiration of the Environmental Certificate means that if the developer wants to continue with the unwanted project, they will have to restart the environmental assessment process at “square one”. This is a major milestone in our long-term strategy to defeat the project, but it’s not the end!

In addition, spokespeople for Glacier Resorts Limited have said that they are considering going to court, applying for a new environmental review, or changing the project to avoid the requirement (projects of less than 2000 beds don’t require an environmental certificate). The Jumbo Resort Municipality – the infamous “Town of Nothing” – is ready to approve the Official Community Plan, which includes zoning for residential and commercial development in the Valley. The so-called Mayor has said that they are open for business even if the current resort plan goes away. 

That’s why our court case on July 15-17 is so important. Our case argues that a municipality must have people in it, and seeks to dissolve the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality. Meanwhile, we’re asking the Province to cancel the contract with the developer that allows construction and to require that the Valley be restored to the condition it was in before the developer poured two concrete slabs

You can help us win our case! Donate to Jumbo online, pick up a new t-shirt at the Nelson Downtown Local Market, Cottonwood Market, or Still Eagle! You can also come to the Town of Nothing Book Launch and pick up a copy of the new book – all profits go to support Jumbo!