You can make history.

On Monday, December 14th, your Village Council is voting to adopt the final West Kootenay 100% Renewable Energy Plan. If Warfield Village Council says yes, they will join the Village of Kaslo in becoming leaders in the West Kootenays in officially adopting the plan and getting moving with the next steps. The renewable energy ball is rolling, and this is a historical moment that can’t happen without you!

Can you take a moment to let your Village Council know that you support the 100% Renewable Energy Plan in your community?

Warfield is a community that cares about people. Last year our all-star Warfield volunteers were so excited when the Village of Warfield reached out to the EcoSociety wanting to know how they could join the movement towards renewable energy. This already makes Warfield a leader. Warfield is now taking their next step on Monday to come together to adopt the plan and find what healthy and safe living means for you & your community. 

Adoption of the plan will mean that Warfield will be ready to take your next steps towards clean, renewable and healthy living for decades to come. It means that your town will be leading rural Canada as a model of healthy, safe and inclusive living. Small town or not, that is huge, and needs you. Take your next step with us, and let your Village Council know why it matters to you. 

Fill in this letter, and when you click Submit, it will go to your mayor and councillors to show them that you care about a 100% renewable energy future. Feel free to change the text to explain why this is important to you.

Warfield Council meets Monday at 1:00 pm, so send your letter now!

Join your neighbours and write your letter today!

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