Defend our home

The forestry industry has supported our family and friends and a high quality of life in BC. But we need a new way of managing our forests.

A bold new biodiversity and ecosystem health law will help communities reach a better balance between having healthy forests and good jobs.

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Affordable and Electric

We all want a reliable, clean, and affordable energy. One way to get there is to make sure the best technology is installed in all new buildings.

That’s why, if we want safer and more affordable communities for ourselves and our kids, we need the Zero Carbon Step Code.

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Defend our Island

If we want safe, good-paying jobs that won’t jeopardize our island for our kids and grandkids, we must stop investing in more offshore oil and gas exploration.

Together we can defend our island and ensure thriving, healthy communities today and tomorrow.

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Deep Engagement Canvassing

The climate change and conservation challenges we face today are not environmental problems.

They are people problems.

If we want solutions, we need to do something different.

We need to listen to people who disagree with us.

This is deep canvassing.

We do it because we care and because it works.

Will you?

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Volunteer with us

Volunteers play an essential role in creating clean energy communities, defending wild spaces and promoting local food sustainability.

Training is always provided, making volunteering a great way to learn new skills and participate in collective action.

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Your contribution matters. We will use it wisely to stand up for all communities.

Your donation today will help communities transition to all-electric buildings, find a better balance for people and nature, and connect people in need with healthy local food.

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